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Cangnan six batches sampling sunglasses for industry and commerce has four is unqualified

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
The hot weather, wenzhou looking sunglasses again. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce and industry of cangnan optical shop random checks on the market, the sampling 6 batches sunglasses, have 4 is unqualified.
in early June, cangnan county industrial and commercial bureau for the jurisdiction to carry out rectification of optical shop, checked a total of 27 professional optician, found that four of six batches of sunglasses batch unqualified.
there are mainly three problems: sunglasses tags do not have in accordance with the provisions, indicate the QS certification, part is the & # 8220; 3 without the & # 8221; Glasses; Most of the sunglasses not a plain code marks a price; “ Ferrari & # 8221; , & # 8220; Porsche & # 8221; , & # 8220; Armani & # 8221; World famous brands such as sunglasses, merchants can't provide the corresponding formalities of imported brand, suspected of distribution of fake foreign brand sunglasses.
business personnel to remind, before the choose and buy sunglasses should learn more related knowledge, grasp the UV index, color and quality, as far as possible to the professional, formal optical shop of choose and buy sunglasses. Reporter zhi-fen said bi correspondent HuaZhi
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