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Cannot not know glasses fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Glasses impact on people's life more and more big, also play a more and more important role, the choice of glasses become a crucial thing. Glasses style is tie-in, not only should consider to face with the coordinate frame, frame materials and the corresponding or color of professional identity and use situation of registration, and so on, more important is today's frame also has the fashion language, become you the style of the label. Glasses as the symbol of the individual modelling of glasses is wonderful is that it is in the facial accessories on the focus, so it can be enduring impression, is so, many famous stars be remembered, because a pair of glasses. Li ka-shing to a pair of black glasses business world, although the appearance is thin, but this oversized glasses make the old man is more intelligent. Compared with photos of li ka-shing, don't wear glasses, he apparently wore glasses more vigor and young, at the same time, the frame of this slightly retro element made him seem more approachable, for often has been dubbed the 'richest man', it is very important to build public relations image. The famous architect i. m. pei, for decades has been in love with his round glasses, which made his image thorough popular feeling, become individual style good mark. RonnieCorbett is an American comedian, perhaps is not familiar with you for his name, but see he wears glasses photos, will suddenly realize, 'it was his' for decades, he had been to tortoise-shell glasses style, happy feeling also is very kind. Glasses are talking people always said 'eyes will talk', as the mind window frame glasses also have the ability to speak. Former Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is a typical American businessman, delicate feeling stronger metal frame is his choice. This kind of frame looks shrewd enough but not make public, fits the Bill Gates quiet personality. Lightweight metal frames, regardless of the frame or frameless, will not be too exaggerated, it is insurance for professionals don't go wrong choice. The frame is easily conveys the message: I pay attention to efficiency, attention to detail, taste exquisite, trustworthy. So the frame is the better choice for business people in the workplace. Hawksbill, resin and all kinds of plate as the main material of frame, can let a person add a affinity, the success of many older people prefer this kind of frame. Such as li mentioned above, the benefit to pei, this kind of glasses to express yourself: I have baptism after years of accumulation, composed and calm is my label. Four pair of glasses is perfect shape standard if you need to wear glasses for a long time, so the reasonable configuration is four vice, traditional theory we will according to different classification of application: work two deputy, leisure, a pair of, party a. Reason is also very good understanding, long working hours need to rotate use, leisure need to be able to adapt to outdoor sports, parties that must be special slightly exaggerated modelling. Actually on this standard, there are more frames model selection criteria, even in the workplace, also face everyday with different situations, such as important meetings and business networking for party more nowadays fashion crowd, a pair of eyes also slightly too little party. Therefore, you should according to the different characteristics of clothing and color collocation more pair of glasses, can calmly face the needs of different occasions and modelling.
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