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Car brand Volkswagen and jaguar's sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Referred to the public and jaguar a lot of people think of the car, you know, they also produce sunglasses in addition to cars, and with driving worthy of oh ~ let's look at the two brands of sunglasses what happens! First we talk about the popular sunglasses for. Popular sunglasses inherited the Volkswagen POLO models color feeling with pleasure, on the basis of designer glasses into the bold creativity, a large number of USES of colors blend in the quarter, in combination with chromatic stripe, bouncing color, animal grain, POLO car line, graffiti and so on elements, popular with young people and deduces many interesting glasses. In the quarter, big play color Polo sunglasses for new product, using fluorescent green, red, such as multiple light series elements, the charm the classic glasses with concise atmospheric modelling, allows you to reveal the big rocks at the same time, also brings the new vitality to lose colour feeling! Mass fashion sunglasses chase index, is the eye focus in the spotlight! We take a look at jaguar sunglasses. JAGUAR sunglasses frame design in combination with the unique chassis design, JAGUAR in terms of technology and innovation is undisputed innovators in the field of automotive design. Another option to jaguar sunglasses is that sports car of the latest technology combined with frame unparalleled design concept, create a unique sports jaguar sunglasses. Look exciting, feel exciting: with red mirror film lens sunglasses, and imitate the jaguar F - The type of car wheel hub its leg. Jaguar sunglasses frames closer to your face feel, sports sunglasses with polarized lens and carbon mirror legs - — Derived from the jaguar F - Carbon part of the type design, is the first choice for driving and activists.
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