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Careful wearing fashionable personage tide big glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
At present, the big glasses craze swept through, some fashionable personage with myopia the & # 8220; Small glasses & # 8221; Thrown into the garbage basket and put on a big mirror. Fashion magazines, city streets, big glasses one is higher and higher. Some young boys and girls have not vision problems, also in the nose on a pair of big glasses to spruce up the & # 8230; …
many & # 8220; The elder brother of the mirror mirror sister & # 8221; They say, the big glasses than ordinary glasses are a little too heavy, not feel discomfort. However, experts remind big glasses wearing inappropriate may appear many problems, is not suitable for small distance and high myopia patients with big glasses. Modern large framed often because the lens is too big, optical center distance can't match all the eyes of the actual distance. Some smaller pd patients with large framed, businesses may be in order to amplify the pd some glasses appearance. But such as long distance big glasses, patients prone to blurred vision, visual fatigue and other symptoms. So don't recommend less distance to wear big glasses. In addition, if the patient myopic degree is higher configuration big frame glasses, lenses tend to be very thick and apparent nasal side thick temporal side thin, lack of aesthetic feeling. Under such circumstances, would generally recommend small size of the picture frame, combining both the appearance, but also improve the peripheral of lenses appear distorted.
the expert added that flat glasses are no degree, but after all is a & # 8220; to eyes Obstacles & # 8221; Dirt was touched, and if the lens or lens material is not transparent, use for a long time, still have certain influence to eyesight. Friend if itself without wanting a refractive error, can only wear a pair of fashionable frames.
the article title: careful wearing fashionable personage tide big glasses

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