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Carhartt WIP RETROSUPERFUTURE x 2015 qiu dong series of glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Glasses brand from Italy RETROSUPERFUTURE nearly Carhartt WIP and joint qiu dong series. In design with contracted fashionable frames with flavour restoring ancient ways is extremely thick color, adopt excellent acetate collection Zeiss lenses, at the same time completely by make artificially, the heavy and complicated process more show frame pity is expensive, absolutely is the focus in the modelling of qiu dong. It is well known that the Italian manual craft is very famous in the world, a lot of quality brands have mentioned process in Italy. American well-known Carhartt, famous brand of tooling, has always been to produce high quality comfort is famous for its high tooling, even under the harsh environment, also suitable for. Close, Carhartt Europe feeder Carhartt WIP and SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE, Italy's famous glasses manufacturer worked manually, launched a series of glasses of 2015 autumn winters, collection of exquisite handmade craft, Italy produced exquisite, burnish texture was brilliant. Carhartt WIP x RETROSUPERFUTURE joint glasses series of 2015 autumn winters is tokely, Farewell, and three glasses to design a version, Dickinson added tooling brand Carhartt pragmatism element, the individual character of fashion at the same time, also pay attention to the functional, enhance the wearing comfort. Signed a series of glasses with the outline of elegant feeling in a personal temperament of ascension, and fluent line feeling like a delicate cutting technology brought about by the excellent lines, elegant fashion and style has a distinct personality. Carhartt WIP x RETROSUPERFUTURE joint 2015 autumn and winter series of glasses frame part adopts the high quality of acetate material made from Italy, smooth texture, and on the collocation of color chose more subdued color scheme, with cold and boring add how much warmth in winter. This joint qiu dong series of glasses at the RETROSUPERFUTURE's official website, the price is 169 euro.
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