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Carrera sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
Carrera sunglasses? Carrera sunglasses comes from its history, he owed his success to re-interpretation of retro style, these retained the modelling of traditional styles and contemporary tone. Carrera brand essence is the collection of innovative, unique and real, represents the quality, innovation and elegant design. 1964 WilhhelmAnger invented the Optyl materials and registered the patent. This is a kind of thermosetting resin, 20% lighter than the ordinary plate. Not only can reduce the skin allergy, its memory qualities can also improve the comfort and keep everlasting elasticity and stability. Carrera sunglasses will be contracted, fashionable, elegant, perfect deduce noble quality, gradually become the darling of the many Hollywood superstar. Remember the actor JesseMetcalf in desperate housewives, Hip - Hop superstar KanyeWest? They are wearing Carrera glasses. LadyGaGa has in its title track 'BadRomance' MV wearing Carrera sunglasses restoring ancient ways. Are you still for summer what kind of choose and buy fashion sunglasses? Carrera sunglasses is a good choice for you, this summer, let sunshine come more fierce some! ! ! !
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