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Cartier Cartier glasses: to perfect the cheetah scattering of contemporary inspiration

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Source: quality fashion and sometimes ferocious wild, sometimes arrogant and sexy, changeful and charming & quot; The cheetah & quot; , has long been one of the representative Cartier totem. Years Cartier craft master will cheetah inspiration continuously used in jewelry, watches and accessories works, each will become a well-respected classic masterpiece, deducing the cheetah of every era not only personality charm, and concise style microcosm of the era. This small leopard fusion among glasses design, the hero of the perfect reappearance of the animal kingdom, the inherent independence, bold and wild, at the same time to catch a lively and vividly languid is lazy. Full of spiritual cheetahs climb onto the diamond frame, with the ball in play with sapphire, all show the beauty of fun and energy. Black and gold combination so low-key and showily, silently to herald the king's position. Very feminine and attractive design, quietly gives the owner the unique charm of elegant and intellectual. Metal sculpture of cheetah, catch a bite a picture frame details the decisive delicate character. Tortoiseshell unique texture, as if clear lake sparkling reflections of light in the picture frame, natural and wild.
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