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Causes of decreased eyesight vision_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-28
Decreased vision is a common ophthalmological problem in humans, and it is also the main cause of blurred vision, dizziness, dizziness and other adverse phenomena. If the vision loss of the eye is not treated in time, or if the disease is controlled and prevented from deepening, it may cause pathological changes in the eye, leading to the formation of myopia. So what are the reasons for the decline in eye vision, and what to do about the decline in eye vision, let's take a look with the editor. 1. There are many reasons for the decline of eye vision. Most of them are human factors, such as using the eyes too close or using the eyes for too long, which leads to the contraction and tension of the ciliary muscle, or the adjustment of the ciliary muscle. Excessive, the extraocular muscles put too much pressure on the eyeball, resulting in decreased vision. In addition, the environment where the light is too dark or too strong, or lack of sleep and lack of certain nutrients can also lead to decreased eyesight. Especially for nutrients, such as vitamin A, calcium ions, and zinc ions, they are all indispensable nutrients in the eye. If they are lacking, it will affect the metabolism of the cells in the eye, which will lead to decreased vision. 2. What to do with decreased eyesight? How to prevent decreased vision Resistance, eat more foods containing vitamin A, vitamin C, protein or calcium, zinc, aluminum and other elements, so as to prevent the cells in the eye from not being able to metabolize normally, and unable to discharge foreign bodies in the eye normally, resulting in decreased eye vision. At the same time, the visual acuity should be checked regularly. If it is found that the visual acuity drops to about 100°, it is necessary to wear appropriate myopia frame glasses to control the deepening of myopia and improve the eyesight. Remember to go to a more formal glasses chain store, such as Baodao glasses, when you are wearing glasses.
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