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Causes of myopia, can myopia be cured?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-13
Myopia is a common self-problem in today's young people, which seriously affects the growth, development, life and study of young people. However, the causes of myopia are mainly divided into three types, genetics, developmental factors, and environmental factors. Can myopia be cured? Let's take a look at it together. Causes of myopia 1. Genetics: The reason why myopia is genetically predisposed is the cause of autosomal degeneration, otherwise it is generally not hereditary. 2. Developmental factors: Because the baby's eyeball is relatively small, there is a condition of hyperopia; if the eye axis is gradually lengthened with age, if it is overdeveloped, it will change from the previous hyperopia to myopia, which is called myopia. For 'simple myopia'. 3. Environmental factors: The situation of environmental factors is more complicated, but generally speaking, it is because the eyes are overworked and they do not get a good rest. In the long run, it will lead to the degeneration of the ciliary muscle, which will lead to myopia. Can myopia be cured? At present, there are three commonly used methods for the treatment of myopia: lens implant myopia surgery, excimer laser myopia surgery, and wearing frame glasses. Among these three methods, the first two have certain risks because they are treated by surgery. At the same time, some complications will occur in the eyes after surgery, resulting in damage to the cornea and affecting the health of the eyes. The frame glasses will only have an appearance impact and will not harm the cells and tissues in the eye. Therefore, wearing spectacles to correct vision is an earlier, more effective and safer method, which can not only effectively prevent vision loss, control the development of vision, but also improve eye vision to a certain extent. There are many causes of myopia, and so far there is no effective treatment method, but if there is no good treatment and conditioning, it will increase the degree of myopia. Therefore, preventing vision loss, controlling vision development, and improving glasses vision is a topic that families, society and the country pay more attention to at present.
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