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Cecilia cheung 'black cover face appeared in the airport, the aura is dye-in-the-wood

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Cecilia cheung looks beautiful and elegant, in the late 90 s was called & quot; Herself to send head & quot; 。 Started when Cecilia cheung has beautiful appearance, smooth skin, bright smile, really easy to attract the line of sight of people, personality of Cecilia cheung, however, still insisted to keep the instinctive quality. She began to think about your future after has experienced many hardships of road, youth no longer eat meal while acting dinner instead. Hong Kong film critics association awards, Hong Kong movie the golden bauhinia award, the Hong Kong film awards, three best actress award for people to see her strength in acting, as a public figure, she was the focus of people in word and deed. Recently, Cecilia cheung fans on the Internet exposes a set of the figure at the airport, dressed in black dress cheung in sunglasses, headphones, cool, and waved to fans from time to time, people still. Many netizens call Cecilia cheung aura, comparable to the Chinese version of the 'thousand'. Sunglasses, masks, bodyguard that three things is requisite for a star out of the door, the Cecilia cheung in the airport is still black covering see enthusiastic fans, Cecilia cheung wave response from time to time
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