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Cecilia cheung in Shanghai as the most powerful brain guests wearing black appeared in the airport

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
On March 3, 2014 on the same day, Cecilia cheung to wear black, carrying a guitar and makeup girl appeared in the airport, although there are a large number of reporters photographed, but Cecilia cheung shrugged off the camera, still with friends talking and laughing. The Cecilia cheung to Shanghai is for TV show 'brain' as a guest judge, peers and famous makeup artist Rick Chin. As we all know, professor min, pretty 'Korean Kim soo-hyun is one of the guests, cheung was asked whether overtake you from the stars, the drama, sheba cheese humor smile said:' I look up at the stars have nearly busy taking care of children, so no time to see, want to chase after a time. 'Cecilia cheung looking after its two son made two sons Lucas, Quintus have a quiet life, sheba cheese with two sons moved to Singapore, how materials, unsettles the calm life, had the media for their three pictures of mother and child living in Singapore, sheba cheese to this truth a little unhappy, she reluctantly said:' this kind of thing ( Candid) refers to Is not I can control to continue like this, it's going to Africa, Mongolia! ”
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