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Cecilia cheung wear a GUCCI to milan fashion week

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Milan fashion week! Ready for a new visual feast, started right away! Cecilia cheung the fashion the queen had to succumb to the heart of joy, of course, with black had to Cecilia cheung to come to the paddock, wearing red wine small suit, tie-in and tight black vest and tight leather pants, will be a nice hour-glass figure perfect show, agile handsome and powerful aura, neutral wind, a Gucci show queen independent intellectual style! As the fashion icon of Asia and outstanding representative of the female, Cecilia cheung has been recognized the trend of the bellwether, her acuity of fashion and unique insights made her become a well-deserved fashion queen. The invited to milan fashion week, not Cecilia cheung first intimate contact with milan, as early as 2011, Cecilia cheung has accepted the professional model training, went to milan and, as a special guest for Dior MOISELLE, while the more become Gucci first catwalk show Chinese stars, is highly anticipated. GUCCI this season's inspiration comes from the French writer Madeleine - History of Curie 'tenderness map' published in 1954, due to the geographical and cultural differences, make it look less tender feelings tenderness map. After seen the GUCCI 2016 chun xia high-end clothing, her mood is small, or inner map, overall looks very beautiful. This is the new designer Alessandro Michele took office after the first series of spring and summer, before a foreshadowing of the seasons, new GUCCI finally at the end of last year's double after the departure of farce, from teaser foreplay to mounting height. The new GUCCI GUCCI - design attributes Beret GUCCI - Glass frame GUCCI - Bow as three quarters of women's clothing, we will find knitting beret, spectacle frames, neck bow and the lazy hairy skin drag birds and embroidery, despite no logo in the designer's creation have been laid way! This season is spring/summer 2016 women's clothing, the brand elements is still there, but the new 3 d optical illusion effect, nostalgic up Roberta di Camerino design, make two dimensional space look like a three dimensional stereo, is Roberta di Camerino alley in the 1950 s. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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