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Cecilia cheung wore black black interact with fans kind

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Cecilia cheung in changsha recorded 'day day up' program. After finished the work, Cecilia cheung to wear a pair of black glasses, dressed in a black in staff escorted to the airport. Cecilia cheung in a black suit is very handsome, hot mama image is also very realistic. She always keep smile on the way, occasionally show MOE, and close interaction between fans, no star shelf. Cecilia cheung's 'black + black smartly a handsome hot mom selling of lovely many loyal fans still came to the airport to send machine, see fans of cheung look very happy, and fans talking and laughing all the way. Take requirements for fans to the net, before were more than V let everyone take a enough. Recommend a fashionable sunglasses: anta AT8006 2014 new fashionable big black box Europe and the United States to restore ancient ways ms polarized sunglasses
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