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Cecilia liu frame glasses inventory

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
This year, Cecilia liu the temperamental belle, appeared on the screen the number of times seems to be a lot less. But she did not retreat. People who know her know Cecilia liu is very like to wear glasses, according to her own rhetoric because of lazy, frame glasses can go to a lot of defects on the face, covering how also can not make up, very convenient. Cecilia liu in the shape of a cat's eye glasses look very sexy and do not break lively. This is Cecilia liu co-stars in 'step by step surprise', a pair of big glass frame very artistic sense, is a look, give a person a kind of mercy cherish feeling. A big red box glasses appear very enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, sheet metal gloss and put her skin is very bright and smooth. A pair of dark blue frame looks very pure atmosphere, give a person a kind of can't words of temperament! Life Cecilia liu is glasses, this pair of sagawa fujii glass frame is very fashionable tide! Whatever the reason, the goddess 'framework' has become a mock object of numerous myopia friend, and she became the vogel glasses brand spokesperson, further close contact and frame glasses! Let's take a look at paragraph Cecilia liu similar frames mirror! ! ! ! Similar glasses: sagawa fujii wood plank + 7425 dc1w imitation wood black tide restoring ancient ways men and women general myopia frame ferragamo SF2663 unisex eyeglass frame 604 paragraphs red new tide vogel men and women with VO2798D high-end plate 2050 blue myopia glasses
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