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Celine 2016 summer sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
TWIG is ARCH red Havana plate with gold metallic collocation of optical frames THIN FREDDY honey Havana color plate material plate sunglasses, optical frame EVA champagne with brown lens ANDREA white plate sunglasses, collocation of Havana brown gradient lens GABY wine red and rose to the sun glasses, with brown lens GABY dark sunglasses, Havana and champagne with brown lens ERIN deep Havana and khaki plank sunglasses, collocation of gradient lens JOE brown dark Havana plate with gold metal, with brown lens LAURA Havana plank AF wine red and rose to the sun glasses, with brown lens EVA sheet deep orange sun glasses, with brown lens BABY MARTA deep orange plank sunglass, tie-in gradient shallow brown lens HELEN rose Havana and pink sheet sunglasses, restoring ancient ways collocation gradient brown lens LUCA AF wine red, cream-colored and brick red plank sunglasses, tie-in gradient brown lens
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