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Chanel glasses series of 2014 autumn winters advertising films

by:Eugenia     2020-08-28
Chanel( Chanel) 2014 autumn winters glasses series advertising large personally with a mirror by Karl lagerfeld, the heroine Charlotte Free in the air is permeated with bold romantic atmosphere of rock, as a cute young girl, a vivid interpretation of the modern and series of female glamour. Charlotte Free sexy lips with pink hair foil delicate skin more delicate beautiful, she naturally posing one by one and moving. The spot arrangement as the dressing room, put the pearl necklace, knitwear and tweed jacket, soft pink, gray and black harmonized lining. Under the lens of Karl lagerfeld, she deduce a big girl with pure flavor, sweet dream, with a high standard female charm, confident and attractive again at the same time. This season the sun glasses the modelling of contemporary feeling, have fashionable butterfly, cat's eye shape, large square and Pantos picture frame, optical glasses is mainly for the square, oval, rectangle, and the cat's eye shape frame. Craft exquisite jewelry mirror legs to each design is different, skillfully inlaid long stepped rhinestone, clever and to capture the light refraction, reminiscent of 31 Kang Peng street in the legendary ladder. The color of the frame or on soft transparent beige and gray, or for more classic black, tortoise-shell pattern, wine red and navy blue. Double C logo and rhinestone adornment cleverly combined together, and presents the mirror effect of ruthenium white, silver and golden tones like in harmony. Rigorous low profile design, make cool and elegant style. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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