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Charm of GuLiNa tied with sunglasses to deduce the box

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Recently 'pond main girlfriend poking fun at war' is in full swing, GuLiNa firm since dating Hans zhang has been netizen, some poking fun at her level as Zheng Shuang appearance, some poking fun at her fashion degree is not high, some said her character is bad, and so on, regardless of what we have to admit is that GuLiNa in show business and fashion more walk more far. Recent GuLiNa tied in the bloomy spring season, shooting a group of street snap, wearing a handsome sunglasses, the box for its overall modelling add a glamour belongs to spring! Dressed in a fashion simple suit and looked very relaxed and easy. This sunglasses is MCM602SA, this glasses minimalist design is exquisite, the overall use of great texture and design feeling rough picture frame, the geometrical line of the collocation and agile chic. Unique metal compose on its leg, another two rivets are dotted in picture frame on both sides, with its leg metal decoration photograph echo. Ingenious design feeling and MCM brand character complement each other, feel interesting vitality. Square sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C3 bright black/dazzle colour blue anta AT8005C1 fashion sunglasses big black box polarized sunglasses
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