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Check designer sunglasses brands out what the new this year

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Arrived late and each big brand sunglasses are starting to get ready for the next season of new products, follow the small make up today to see what the new the designer sunglasses brands this year! Gentle Monster x Architecture architectural design firm in New York At Large sunglasses Architecture At Large for Gentle Monster brand design shops, they used wood, iron and steel, and it can be associated with a maze of mirror and so on as a decoration material. Architecture At Large in the architectural design concept for the Gentle Monster, build a new style of sunglasses, this is called 'Vision Quest' glasses series, used the ultra-lightweight framework, low-key frosted texture frames the bold metallic element lens on collocation, the contrast and presents a visual sense is the aesthetics of contemporary industrial design. 'Vision Quest' mirror price is about $290. Fragments Design x issued 'lightning' Oakley sunglasses highly sought after by many fashionistas American famous brand Oakley ski mirror is combines cutting-edge and practical at a suit. Run by the trend of the godfather hiroshi fragments design and hand in hand together to build two couplet by Oakley sunglasses. This time choose to grind arenaceous black and dark grey as advocate tone, coloring this odd product above, is supplemented by Oakley glasses flank and fragments design trademark Logo as an ornament. G - Star RAW x Afrojack released a limited edition sunglasses last year with the Netherlands DJS and producers Afrojack after success of cooperation, the G Star RAW and Afrojack again hand in hand to create high-quality goods glasses, the launch this year is the limited edition sunglasses Fat Para Tacoma II. Fat Tacoma inherited G - again Star representative design, become the creation of this series to start. In this series, the best-selling style adopts transparent frame and dark lenses, produced a new interpretation. The item for this year only limited release 1155 vice, each pair of glasses are engraved with the signature of the independent product serial number and Afrojack.
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