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Chen Yu white his rimless glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
'It was all of a sudden, dark, temperature drops. Small from all over the goose bumps, the temperament of a keen to minus temperature, the pair of sven under his rimless glasses look deep like peach blossom water, glanced at her from far away, from think back only a little. '' Chen Yu white hand pushed his glasses, the radian of corners of the mouth is more and more beautiful,' within three years, you can't quit, otherwise, the money even if penalty due to breach of contract, the repair or pay in full. 'thud! Ann small from 23 years, passed out for the first time. 'I believe each of you already know the love novel sister, the above snippet is' then love let it inside the plot of the novel. As a senior novel fan, small make up the novel I have ever seen no ten thousand and one thousand. But when it comes to men with glasses, first emerged in the small make up your mind is Chen Yu white! Guy laroche GL0061G18K men in the business of gold wu kuang yards gold his rimless glasses myopia glasses sven, not anger since wei, six less terrible abdominal black character, a smiling tiger three elder brother, the rimless glasses can let his belly black temperament increasingly highlight, he lifts a finger push glasses, scare more than small from Ann, even feel a quivering look small make up! But intimidated the heart is very excited at the same time, how can so handsome ahhh! It is tailor-made for him his rimless glasses, please. His rimless glasses, it is so sharp!
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