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Chevrolet sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Chevrolet originated in 1909, gm's founder, William? Kevin durant ( William Durant) Mr Invited renowned Swiss driver and engineer Louis? The Chevrolet ( Louis Chevrolet) Help him to design a mass-market cars. Chevrolet motor is a mirror of the American history and culture, is like the NBA, Hollywood is closely related to the American spirit of the name. Development from 1909 to now, it passed more than 110 years of history, has a proud history and tradition, the history and tradition continues today. As gm's for internationalization and popularization of the brand, the brand positioning is a popular trustworthy international brands. Introduction Chevrolet Chevrolet glasses glasses is a dependable, youthful energy international glasses brand. Major consumer groups for 18 to 30 years young vigor of male and female consumers. Using the mature technology, high standards of quality. Concise and fashion, the reasonable market price, meet the needs of the consumers. The launch of the Chevrolet brand glasses will become in the hands of a young fashionable gens 'variant king kong'. Material plate - — Select the original plate material, after high temperature and high pressure conditions. A small proportion ( Compared with some domestic material) Is not affected by ultraviolet light and color, larger hardness gloss good, durable, not easy heat deformation, fancy beautiful texture, bright obvious advantages, at the same time, simple sense is smooth. Alloy - — With imported high-performance monel material is given priority to, have excellent mechanical properties and stable physical and chemical properties, and ensure the safety of the glasses of the strong. High-tech molecular materials ( TR, tech) — — A large number of applications in aerospace and other high-tech fields, and in the field of automobile, medical equipment manufacturing is used to a large number of alternative metal materials, improve product performance. The characteristics of excellent material stability and more lightsome greatly increases the comfort level of the products. Good affinity with human experience make wearing more comfortable and more secure. Smooth lines, leisure, fashion style, express the young group of comfort and individuality. Process a large amount of use of solid and hollow effect and Chevrolet logo contrast, rich color scheme for glasses more visual wallop.
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