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Children also have to follow the trend of the right to have a look at those western style children glass frame

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Who says only adult people can follow the trend, follow the trend, the kid can also wear western style glass frame, at the same time of vision correction brave show yourself! Let's take a look at those children western style glass frame ~ German famous glasses brand MYKITA design always is unique; Designers constantly input of technology, style and design to improve precision of glasses, such as glasses frame with high quality stainless steel sheet metal folding, and the thickness is only 0. 5 mm, very thin. The pair of glasses is known as a design without screws of the hinge, nobility is elegant, and flexible elasticity, can be arbitrarily curved to fit different type face and solve the problems of high and low ear. MYKITA stainless steel glasses framework USES the PVD vacuum heating technology, can ensure glasses scratch-resistant surface and antioxidant, glasses and durable for a long time. Mykita First series of glasses accurately convey Mykita unique design philosophy, with strong brand trademark and ultra thin material building frame, high flexibility of the material is easy to adjust, its leg with rubber package to avoid scratching the skin protective effect, provides a more safe and comfortable wearing experiences. Mykita First series includes four optical glasses and three sunglasses, respectively, with its design inspiration 'animal kingdom' in a variety of animals, named seven product can supplement a variety of color, creating interesting and stylish young fashion. In addition, the Mykita First series glasses and sunglasses! With high-tech lightweight material, is famous for its unique and individual character design of German manual glasses brand Mykita series launched a young people apply - — Mykita第一。 Mykita First stainless steel glasses series specially designed for children and teenagers over the age of eight, including circular, cat's eye, restore ancient ways, pilots, and a rectangular frame representative of all kinds of classic form. Finally, the small make up recommend a few exotic children glass frame for everyone! Sunglasses factory Q695 alloy plate C11 white new glasses full frame leisure children myopia glasses seiko KK0014CGL commercial pure titanium frame blue small yards children myopia glasses
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