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Children choose don't wear dark sunglasses indoors

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Sorching summer, sunshine is intense, high intensity of ultraviolet line not only tests the skin of young children, and test their weak eyes. Ophthalmology expert points out, children under strong light can effectively relieve eyestrain, wearing sunglasses at the same time can also avoid the light damage to the eyes. So, when the choose and buy sunglasses for your child, parents should pay attention to what issues? Eye, experts say, the parents for the children when the choose and buy sunglasses, try to choose grey and dark brown sunglasses for beautiful, avoid choose framework with different lens alternated, pink or blue sunglasses. Because grey and dark brown sunglasses more effectively maintain the color of the object itself, the harmful light, such as filtering uv color distortion is small, color sense is better. As for the pink or blue sunglasses, not only can't block uv function of harmful substances, but sometimes can absorb harmful substances, make counterproductive. In addition, children do not wearing dark sunglasses indoors as far as possible. Due to 3 years old to 12 years old children in the sensitive period of the development of eye vision in the unceasing development, relatively less outdoor, indoor light if wearing dark sunglasses indoors, easy to cause retinal cannot imaging clearly, see things will be very fuzzy, and the developing children's visual function. Small make up remind parents, is now a children's sunglasses on the market sales season, with a lot of poor quality and inferior products. When the choose and buy sunglasses for children so must choose carefully, lest make irreparable damage children's eyes.
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