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Children's mydriasis and optometry use eye ointment need to 'abide by the rules'_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-14
Affected by factors such as bad living habits, there are more and more 'small glasses' groups. The ciliary muscle of children's eyes has a strong ability to adjust, and it is easy to cover up the real diopter. Therefore, if children go to glasses for optometry, mydriatic optometry has become a necessary procedure. Therefore, mydriatic optometry eye ointment has also become the focus of parents' concern. Next, the editor will analyze the rules of attention for eye ointment for mydriasis and optometry. Mydriatic optometry drugs can fully paralyze the ciliary muscle in the eye, and can truly reflect the accuracy of hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. There are many drugs classified as mydriatic optometry. This article uses the commonly used atropine eye ointment as an example to illustrate the precautions for the use of mydriatic optometry eye ointment. Precautions for the use of mydriatic optometry eye ointment 1. When using eye ointment for mydriatic optometry, the drug should be prevented from entering the nasal cavity through the tear duct. You can use your fingers or cotton swabs to compress the inner part of the eyes (ie, the lacrimal sac area) before applying the medicine. The compression time on both eyes should be maintained for at least 3 minutes before stopping the compression. In order to prevent excess skin-contaminated ointment from entering the eye, the mydriatic optometry ointment left on the skin should be wiped clean. 2. If you experience severe dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, redness and other symptoms after applying the dilating eye ointment, you should stop taking the medicine immediately, then consult an ophthalmologist, and take the appropriate treatment under the doctor's advice. . If these symptoms are mild, you can drink more water to ease. 3. It is normal if you can't see near things clearly, photophobia, etc. after using eye ointment for mydriasis and optometry. Therefore, during the mydriatic optometry, strong light stimulation should be avoided, and the eyes should not be used at close range. About three weeks after stopping the drug, the eyes will fully return to their original appearance. 4. When using eye drops for dilation and optometry, you must follow the doctor's advice. You cannot increase or decrease the number of uses by yourself, and you cannot take it orally or give it to others.
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