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Children's sunglasses considerations of choose and buy

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
As the weather turned hot, has started selling sunglasses on the market, but compared with the adult sunglasses, but not many different kinds of children's sunglasses. Many parents give their children choose a sunglasses, but little imagine, the choice of children's sunglasses with adult is very different, should pay attention to the following matters. First, children is not easy to wear sunglasses for a long time, strong sunlight or special needs, a short period of time wearing well. Second, the children's good is to choose the resin lenses, PC, such as resistance to damage of material, because a lot of naughty children easy to fall or collision, if children lenses that fragile it is easy to make children hurt. Third, children lenses make sure can effectively prevent ultraviolet (uv) radiation, good choice clearly marked on the label 100% uv protection products. Fourth, children's sunglasses should also pay attention to on the choice of color, generally, it is better to dark grey because they cause color distortion is small, the color feeling, but try to avoid the yellow or red lenses. Fifth, the choose and buy children's sunglasses must choose normal way and normal brand, because a lot of inferior sunglasses is easy to cause harm to the child's eye.
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