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Children's sunglasses how to choose, to give attention to both health and cute

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Summer arrived, a lot of parents friends after put on a pair of cool sunglasses on their children to buy a lovely dark glasses. Glasses sunglasses factory remind everybody, the summer strong sunshine for a long time in the outdoor, everyone should wear sunglasses. Children's sunglasses, then, how to choose to both health and cute? Rays ensure sunglasses marked on the label the lens can block 99% of UVA and UVB rays, the two is the main factor that lead to cataracts, and skin cancer good optical quality lens examination, to prevent distortion. Can through the following methods: armed with sunglasses, at arm's length through the sunglasses linear light, such as the light of the window. To move slowly sunglasses, if linear light wave or distortion, the lens in the optical quality is poor. If the line is still light straight, the optical quality is good. Those who unite is tonal check the color of the lens, to ensure that the two lenses have the same color, can be a good sunscreen. The grey lenses will not distort the color gray shadow. When you buy sunglasses, no grey lens? So, green and brown. Absolutely avoid very dark lenses. Glasses sunglasses factory warm prompt: because the child is naughty and naughty, so you want to check whether the frame is solid, not to the child's face. When children walking, small glasses will fit and large enough to prevent some of the side light.
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