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Children's sunglasses need to consider those factors?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Takeaway: children's glasses, children's sunglasses need to consider what factors? Parents friends may want to look! Because children can't even identify, choose and buy needs to mom and dad a lot of care! About children in front of the choice of the glasses have the article introduced the oh, need friends please refer to the child frames need to consider what factors? The choice of sunglasses: must choose logos is complete, there are national quality certification, have prevent YV 100% uv protection, good optical performance and avoid giving children wear due to quality problems because the child vision problems, eyes hurt sunglasses. Sunglasses color choice: with dark gray advisable, dark grey lens color distortion caused by small, color sense, should avoid to choose easily cause fatigue yellow or red. In addition, sunglass factory glasses will once again: children are visual development has yet to reach adult level, shoulds not be long wear colored glasses, wear when the proposal is only in outdoor play. Children's day is coming, to send their children a gift!
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