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Children's sunglasses to choose attentively

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Recent hot day let a person dare not go out, if you must go out must prepare, sunglass is must Dai Haode, otherwise the light was dazzling is bad for their health. Some parents give their children with a pair of sunglasses, but there are many children choose sunglasses should pay attention to the aspect, wearing a inferior sunglasses is self-defeating instead! When choosing sunglasses for children, should consider the following aspects: nose supporting children and adults are very different, especially the height of the bridge of the nose, most of the children's bridge of the nose is low, therefore, children's glasses had better choose bazoo holds high, or the nasal adjustable frames. Otherwise, frame laid low nose, glasses is easy to stick to the eye, even encounter eyelash, cause eye discomfort. Frame material frame materials mainly divided into the metal frame, plastic frame. Most of the children's active, pick wearing of glasses, put more casual. The metal frame is easy to deformation, broken and metal frame may cause skin irritation. And plastic frame is not modified, it is hard to damage. Weight glasses choose children must pay attention to weight. Because the weight of the glasses is direct effects on the bridge of the nose, if overweight cause BiLiangGu ache, serious can cause nasal bone degeneration. So children with glasses weight generally in 20 grams of the following is most appropriate. The line of sight glasses frame size children should have enough area. Because the children's range is very wide, so try not to cast shadows on choice and the line of sight corner of the picture frame. Frame is too small, vision becomes smaller; Frame is too big, easy to wear, and the weight will increase. So children use the glass frame should be modest. Lens to choose lens optical quality will influence the visual quality, so children should choose light transmittance good lens glasses, avoid bad lens aggravate degree of myopia. From a security perspective, children should choose safe, non-friable resin lenses, rather than glass, so that we can avoid ocular trauma caused by broken lens. Most parents think the price is more expensive, the better, if has the best for children. Actually diopter changes more quickly in the children's eyes, usually six months to a year is about to change, from an economic point of view, choose the right price is more important. When matching glasses should pay attention to three aspects: 1, attention should be paid to it. Choose a pair of glasses, wear suitable, comfortable and accurate optometry is a basic factor. Check before glasses, to see the eye optometry and mirror mirror store personnel, have issued by the optometrists or optometry glasses at the provincial level industry association member card; Optometry if affected by emotions, physical condition, should be in a few days after two eyes, in order to achieve scientific and accurate optometry results. 2, to pay attention to the material selection of glasses. General lens into the resin, such as glass and crystal, lens and frame should have warranty. Lenses, frames if it is imported material, there should be import commodity inspection certificate. 3, see the product quality inspection certificate. Glasses of choose and buy, be sure to see the purchased glasses product quality inspection certificates, production producer name and address, to invoices from shopping at the same time, in the event of quality problems, can maintain their own legitimate rights and interests.
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