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Children's sunglasses uv protection is enough?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Prevent bask in work can't slack off, because the child's skin and eyes and tender, and ultraviolet light can cause a lot of damage to skin and eyes. Skin bask in best choice does not contain preservatives and risky component of physical sunscreen, eyes prevent bask in. Recommended reading: children choose sunglass? Last year to this year, have seen a lot of parents buying sunglasses, rui min found that most children's sunglasses are ignored a very important question, is the lens polarized light function. Children's sunglasses if dyeing using common resin lenses, only have the effect of both UVA and UVB rays. To know that even the cheapest resin lenses, dyeing can do it 90% uv filtering ability, children's eye protection, however, still have to solve the problem of light and glare. In glasses industry, actually a little adult professional quality sunglasses can choose the polarized lenses, children's sunglasses may cost into consideration, a lot of brands are also stay in dyeing piece on the configuration of the original resin. Polarized lenses can bring to people's glasses what kind of protection? Polarizer was made according to the principle of polarization of the light lens, is used to eliminate and filter out the scattering light beam, can make the light in eyes on track through optical axis of the visual image, make the vision clear. So the polarizer can filter out a lot of irregular light interference, avoid dazzle, harsh, etc. When it comes to dazzle, harsh, you must have some feelings, in the sunny weather, glass curtain wall light, auto glass glance strongly dazzling, noctilucent car lights at night to let a person instant temporary blindness, the beach of the lake water above, anti glass the glitter to let a person can't see the blackboard words, even in the evening light reading, special smooth reflective coated paper is also very let an eye very tired. The common light and glare stimulation and damage to the human eye, bigger than the ultraviolet light. 吗? 吗?
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