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Children's wear sunglasses on

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
Today, many parents friends will family travel together in the flowers blooming season. As temperatures rise, many parents friends in when you go out wearing a pair of sunglasses. However, children wear sunglasses? Can have side effect? Below, along with glasses sunglasses factory to get to know. In theory, the kids need to wear sunglasses. Crystal is more transparent than the adult children, it is more vulnerable to uv intense stimulation. Children's sunglasses on the market at present, however, are mostly without uv protection function, some with common organic glass or glass. Besides, under the strong light, we will naturally reduce pupil, forming self protection, in case of uv rays. After wearing sunglasses, the light is dark, the pupil amplification instead, if you don't have uv protection function sunglasses, the eyes can't be protected, not only can hurt instead. Glasses sunglasses factory to remind our parents friends, if your child is still in the under the age of six, sunglasses are not recommended. Because of their immature visual function, need more bright light to stimulate and clear image.
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