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Children wear dark glasses good-looking

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Say famous early, this sentence used on them as a child who is crazy circle powder of the perfect child. Although there are part of their dress thanks to parents, but babies have consciously into one outfit to his be fond of, if in the future from them out of several famous fashion blogger, that I will not strange at all. And not to frighten you, I go to see a circle of their social account, I think your taste is not necessarily better than them! Coco: hat, sunglasses, daikin chain, are you wearing a vulgar deserve to act the role of it happened that she can wear fashionable pay close attention to the friend of fashion information may be seen in the news or street snap, the little girl, she is Coco, 7 years old, from Tokyo, Japan kid, she sets a account now has more than 450000 people, is a real small web celebrity. Coco was born three months to catch up with the words of fukushima earthquake, affected by the parents to live with Coco moved to Tokyo, and opened a boutique in harajuku, Coco dozen small grew up in the pile of clothes, and as she opened the door of the road to fashion. Through her social accounts, can feel the thick harajuku street fashion, this is her from worldly harajuku district, under the narrative form of personal style. Those bright colors, version type wide clothes, can be the perfect control. And have you found? Coco of the match, even if the copy directly to the adults will not feel acosmia, her style is quite mature, so to speak. Recommended reading: children's wear sunglasses can affect vision? Especially to amaze, be Coco to deserve to act the role of choice and control ability. Hat and dark glasses is a magic weapon her fashion, from lei feng's cap, all kinds of fresh green color of the hat, to the streets wind baseball caps, berets, in quite wide, so to speak. And sunglasses are more like her personal logo, exaggerated butterfly sunglasses, color lens glasses, 'fortune teller' sunglasses, blingbling rhinestone sunglasses, there is nothing she did not dare to try.
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