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Children wear sunglasses can affect vision?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
The part of the eye is most sensitive to uv light, if exposed to the sun, without doing any sunscreen, so eyes absorbs various wavelengths of ultraviolet ray, it will cause the loss of vision, ultraviolet conjunctivitis. So can KO uv sunglasses, not only become fashionable MM out necessary sheet is tasted, also became a children's outdoor protect vision tool. But this was endowed with great sunglasses, wear after unexpectedly make children eyesight! Absolutely shocking cry. Recommended reading: how to choose a suitable children wear the sun glasses degree, unqualified sunglasses, will not only affect children's eyesight, can also cause some eye diseases. Is wearing prescription sunglasses can affect a child vision, blurred vision, may make children or visual fatigue symptoms. Actually defective sunglasses, wear after the children are likely to cause vision loss. Unqualified children wearing sunglasses, the pupil will become bigger because of lens shade, like into the eyes of luminous flux increases. But because of its higher than visible light transmittance of ultraviolet projection, this will make serious damage children's eyes, lead to diseases such as keratitis and cataract. 1, children old enough to wear sunglasses for children to wear sunglasses, can't play with the point of view, don't just grab any more sunglasses. In addition, if the outdoor temperature is higher, it is recommended that children stay indoors, eye protection, and to prevent heatstroke. Saying children old enough to wear sunglasses? July and August, it is the peak, some parents take children go out to play, in order to block the vision of dazzling, may give the child to wear sunglasses, may also have parents to feed the children become more cool, also gave their sunglasses. But age in children under the age of 7 is not suitable for wearing sunglasses. 3 - 6 years old children is the critical period of visual development, this time wearing sunglasses may affect visual clarity, suggest the parents and child after seven so give them wearing sunglasses. In addition, in the sunshine outside, can't wear sunglasses for more than four hours. 2, children's indoor can wear sunglasses, you might feel that the deeper the color sunglasses, shading effect will be better. But there is a risk, choose the dark sunglasses color depth that block uv function sunglasses instead if you don't have the most hurt eyes. The other is not suitable for children to wear dark sunglasses indoors. Children's indoor cannot wear dark sunglasses, otherwise will damage the eyes. Recommended reading: lenses that what is a good material for eyes in dark environment will enlarge the pupil, so that there will be more ultraviolet light into the eyes, it will make children eyes from being hurt by the greater. In addition, red and orange lens is not suitable for sunglasses, red lens of ultraviolet absorption effect is the worst, the best choice of medium deep green, grey, brown wait for high quality polarized lenses. 3, children's wear glasses notice is not suitable for children under the age of 6: if you want to give them to wear, wear time cannot too long, otherwise it may affect their eyesight. When parents for children to wear sunglasses, can in fierce sun wear on them, under the sunshine after weaker in a timely manner. Don't infatuated with dark sunglasses: remember dark sunglasses, not necessarily equal to the uv protection ability. The color of the lens more deep shading effect will be more strong, but the shading and uv protection is not the same concept, whether the lenses can prevent ultraviolet ray, mainly depends on the lens material and coating. Lens can't use glass, glass lens impact is poorer, security is not high. Select a frame sunglasses: the size of the picture frame to suit a child's face as far as possible, as far as possible close to the eyes of sunglasses can better blocking access to ultraviolet light. But the picture frame does not too heavy or too wide. Sunglasses don't put it on the heating, high temperature place, summer don't put sunglasses for a long time in the sun in the dashboard of the car.
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