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Children with reduced vision can not wear glasses blindly_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-15
Many families have a common problem, that is, as long as the child says that he can't see objects, and often has eye fatigue, blurred vision, dizziness, vertigo and other discomforts, he will immediately help the child with glasses for treatment. In addition, some parents don't care about anything, they go directly to the optician to report the child's myopia degree and some eye problems, and then ask the optometrist to match the glasses directly, and then go straight back and put them on the child. This approach is very incorrect. It is a kind of blindly endangering children's eyesight and vision. Even if the child's eyesight declines, it is not allowed to wear glasses blindly. 1. Before the child has glasses, he needs to go to the hospital for a vision check. In normal life, for example, if the child’s vision is found to be degraded, do not directly equip the child with glasses. The child should be taken to a regular eyeglass shop or hospital for examination in time. , Eye position, binocular vision, diopter and other aspects of inspection, can implement the correct treatment method. Otherwise, blindly equipping children with glasses will easily cause false myopia to evolve into true myopia, which will cause greater harm to the glasses. Second, the child’s eyesight should be checked for the first time, so it’s important to remember that when taking the child to the optician to check the eyesight, in addition to the examination of other problems in the eyes, the pupils should be dilated before the optometry, so as to avoid false myopia. And astigmatism. If the pupils are not dilated first, the measured diopter will be inaccurate, and the spectacles that come out will not be comfortable to wear. Not only can they not give the child a clear vision, but it may also cause the child’s myopia to deepen, so mydriasis refraction It is a step that a child must go through with glasses. 3. Children’s lenses are better to choose resin lenses, and the frame should be tough. If the child’s eyesight is reduced, it is better to choose aspherical resin lenses. For children who usually like to play games, in addition to controlling the time spent on mobile phones, computers, and close reading, it is better for parents to take their children to the hospital for vision checks on a regular basis. The reason for this can not only prevent the child from deepening myopia due to visual fatigue, but also avoid the phenomenon that the power of the glasses does not match the refractive power, which will seriously damage the child's vision. I hope that parents should keep in mind.
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