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Children with sunglasses for caution

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Now sunglasses as a kind of fashionable element, many parents have for their children to acquire a pair of sunglasses, a lot of parents think wearing sunglasses can keep out ultraviolet irradiation, and can make your own baby lovely fashion, so why not? But the expert reminds: children's visual function is not yet mature, needs to be under the stimulus of normal light and clear object, keep out the light for a long time is bad for the normal development of eye and therefore should not be wearing sunglasses before the age of 6. In the case of dark sunglasses, it will increase burden of eye accommodation, cause eye muscle tension and fatigue. In addition, if the lenses that bad, easy to cause varying degrees of damage to the eyes. So take your kids to go out, the sun hat, umbrella, etc. , should be prepared as far as possible avoid direct sun light eyes. If the light is too strong, it is recommended that the choice of normal manufacturer sunglasses, but back to the house should be removed immediately. So fashion is good, but we are still far from a health point of view, wearing sunglasses for baby, otherwise it will affect the baby's eyesight health, I'll regret.
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