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Chloe advertising large hail to the friendship of 2015 autumn winters

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
French fashion brand Chloe ( Curtis in) Release advertising large series of 2015 autumn winters, supermodel Anja Rubik with Julia Stegner together with endorsements lens, fashion photographer combined Inez & amp; Vinoodh with a mirror. This large filmed at the Luxembourg, Paris brand hail to the profound friendship between girls. Chloe autumn/winter 2015 advertising large - — Pay tribute to the deep friendship between girls. Since 1952, Gaby Aghion to his girlfriend to borrow create brand name, girlfriends friendship has become an integral part of Chloe brand spirit. Story in Paris the Luxembourg, Chloe girls slowly stroll through the tree-lined trail. Autumn, classic French architecture, and the natural quiet romantic complement each other, and Bloomsbury Bloomsbury group sense of art and wisdom from afar Chloe girls arm in arm, close to each other, have independently. Flying at random printed silk and velvet dress, stretching out the outline of slender and hale, heart to laugh at one another, Chloe girls with firm strides. Tassel flap of suede Hudson saddle bag, rich layers of Hayley hobo handbags, shining metallic accessories, hand in photograph reflect with the entrance to the park with rich gold plated adornment, light bleak autumn. 'This is a season and I hope the girl Chloe loiter willfulness boy between gas and sweet gentle style, like Bloomsbury Bloomsbury girl's unique temperament. For me, even if the time has past ten years, Anja and Julia, as they are the first advertisement films so pure and fresh and clever, youthful, their perfect interpretation of Chloe girl contemporary spirit. 'The creative director of Chloe Clare Waight Keller said. Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin perfect new commercials produced for Chloe series 'flou' Chloe capture classic breath. Returned to Paris, lightsome and noble material, wrapped in warm tacit friendship Chloe girls, spread of France every corner of the park in winter. Chloe girls are ten years apart, Anja Rubik and Julia Stegner reunion in advertising big shot in the fall and winter of 2015. Anja Rubik, pure and fresh and modern, strong and independent, confident, independent spirit of Chloe, as HFM boy wind of the season. 茱莉亚Stegner - Delicate and elegant, soft and romantic feelings with Chloe, perfect deduce this season's elegant profile.
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