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Choose a ski goggles to consider what factors?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Skiing as a high speed and larger movement, risk for skiers, body protection requirement is very strict. Especially for vulnerable eyes more to be more precise, so have a powerful protection function of ski goggles is indispensable. So choose to ski goggles to consider what factors? First to get to know in skiing, eye contact main risk factors. One is because the snow reflects the sun is very strong, the second is the cold wind high-speed taxi, both for the irritation of the eyes is very big. Need to wear when skiing so completely shielding ultraviolet ski goggles, and advised to choose a full enclosed ski goggles. Sunglasses factory 030 ski mirror tarmac professional double mountain ski goggles sports glasses and ski glasses lens also has a lot of exquisite, research, said the black box of color lens ski goggles and blue box color lens ski mirror, have the effect that is less than complete protection to ultraviolet ray, and wear long time easy to produce visual fatigue. At the same time, the lens the deeper the color, the lower the visible light transmittance. For example, the dark brown lens ski goggles visible light transmittance for 84. 2%, while the transmittance of visible light black lens ski mirror is only 7. 5%. Followed by skiing, when an accident, the athletes usually can't keep well balance, so hurt, and so on and so forth from time to time, so in order to avoid the face is hurt, had better choose the material high flexibility ski goggles. Finally is the glasses to the fog, plus ski goggles are mostly because of their lenses arc design, and with a degree, can lead to the object is not clear and cause dizziness phenomenon. So to choose on the outer frame made of breathable foam air holes ski goggles, extreme skiers can have a better ski experience. Choose ski goggles consideration is more, often ski are more should consult an eye specialist, to select a most suitable for their own ski glasses.
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