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Choose outdoor sunglasses, fashion and texture can not be ignored_sunglass knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-09
When summer comes, outdoor sunglasses are no longer just a fashion accessory, it has more practical significance for human health. The main function is to block harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays for you under the hot sun, and prevent dust particles from entering the human eye in windy weather to avoid unnecessary damage. But there are so many types and styles of outdoor sunglasses on the market, which one should we choose? When choosing brand products, we should choose a store with a license when buying outdoor sunglasses, or a business with a brick-and-mortar store when shopping online. If economic conditions permit, look for some well-known and reputable brands. The reason is that the service attitude, quality assurance and fair price of these brands are obvious to all. Colors vary from person to person. From a physical point of view, gray lenses can absorb light in any wavelength band, so seeing things will not make people feel too dark, and there will be no obvious chromatic aberration changes, which can make us feel better. The real, more natural world. Therefore, for those who go out a lot in summer, outdoor sunglasses with gray lenses are a good choice. However, the functions of various colored sunglasses are different, and you still have to choose according to your specific needs. It is recommended that you try on outdoor sunglasses when you buy them. If the shape of the nearby objects is not distorted and the image is clear, and the traffic lights can be clearly identified, it is more suitable for you. Lens Quality Judgment The most common lens materials on the market today are mainly glass and resin. The disadvantage of glass lenses is that they are easily broken and can stab the eyes in the event of an accident. Compared with glass lenses, resin lenses have outstanding advantages such as friction resistance, light weight, and non-breakability. Therefore, the preferred lens material should be resin. Of course, for outdoor sunglasses that are based on radiation protection, the effect of the lens to filter out ultraviolet rays (that is, the UV index of the sunglasses) is also a very important reference standard when purchasing.
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