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Choose sunglasses color has exquisite in summer

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
Into the summer, sunglasses became the standard of the trip, a lot of people when choosing sunglasses is like the style and color, rather than to choose according to the features and requirements, but different color sunglasses have different functions. So, in the face of colorful sunglasses, how should we choose? Grey - — Grey lens is one of the most common, it can balance on the most chromatographic absorption, not have clear off color, when you watch the scenery will not change the color of the vision, is suitable for most people. Recommended reading: grey lens and yellow glass lens which good - it's light brown. — Dark brown lens can filter the blu-ray, improve visual contrast and clarity, even blinding light can see objects details, air pollution and foggy wearing effect is better. Green - — Green lens can increase to reach the eyes green light, make the wearer feel cool and comfortable, suitable for use eye fatigue. Silver - — Silver mercury lens can absorb and reflect more solar radiation, good outdoors wear suitable for sunshine. Red and blue - — Red and blue glasses to protect his eyes well, red light effect is poor, the blue lenses make blu-ray stimulate the eye, so don't suggest you to choose, but can be used as decoration. In addition, small make up remind you that the size of the sunglasses can at least cover the eyes in front of visual imaging area, unfavorable choose too small and too big sunglasses. If you choose lenses that are too small, light easy to stimulate your eyes. Choose oversized sunglasses will add burden to the bridge of the nose, nasal bone smaller people wear is easy to slide. Recommended reading what color wear sunglasses for eye is better?
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