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Choose sunglasses have method

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
The arrival of summer, the sun also became more intense, a lot of people like to wear a sunglasses, so that can block the sun eye protection, can also add your own fashion. Nearsighted people can also wear fashionable sunglasses, but how should choose? Below to introduce information about myopia sunglasses for everyone. Recommended reading: how to choose the best sunglasses sunglasses from previous dyeing piece, the resin lens is in 80 - 90 ℃ for processing the dyeing in dyeing liquid. The advantage of dyeing piece is convenient to wear beautiful, style is more, the lens color can be selected. Defect is dyeing generally need to customize, can not stand, the camber of myopic degree and sunglasses have certain requirements. With the development of technology, now myopia sunglasses to overcome the limitation of early dyeing piece. Is still need to customize, but degree and the requirements of the bend there have been many changes, but also developed the myopia polarized sunglasses. Myopia sunglasses appearance and was close to ordinary sunglasses, beautiful and fashionable, suitable for tourist travel to wear. Myopia sunglasses selection method: 1. Myopia sunglasses frames to small to choose two sunglasses polarized lens ring smaller, so match the myopia sunglasses more beautiful also comparatively light, and we usually when wearing sunglasses on the one hand is to prevent myopia and uv protection, on the other hand also want to wear comfortable, wear comfortable and myopia sunglasses with the weight of the close relationship. 2. Myopia sunglasses pile head is the best screw to lock up the general myopia sunglasses are made the box, but make myopia effect is bad, because when the lens into the sunglasses frames after will produce ling mirror degrees, is easy to wear, the phenomenon of the dizziness, vomiting, so when buying myopia sunglasses polarizer, had better choose lock screw pile head sunglasses polariscope. 3. Glasses myopia of sheet material is best TR or metal sunglasses TR sunglasses color relatively gorgeous fashion, dress collocation joker, this kind of material made of myopia polarizer sunglasses may be more beautiful, it is comfortable to wear. 4. Surface bend too big sunglasses does not consider many sunglasses surface camber is larger, the polarizer is not beautiful, because the lens is thick, so it's easy to appear the feeling of vertigo. Myopic degree of myopia sunglasses according to everybody and fitting of the sun glasses, such can let myopia friends could see them more clearly, can also protect his eyes from the fierce sun damage, suitable for outdoor work for pleasure.
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