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Choose sunglasses or depends on practicality

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Summer arrived, the sunglasses can block harmful light to some extent about the harm of eyes. In view of the different light source and the occasion, the lens color can affect the shading effect. When we choose sunglasses or need to pay attention to practical. Experts indicate that many sunglasses on tags marked 1, 2, 3 classes, it is to point to the sun glasses color depth, the higher the deeper the color series, keep out sunshine, the more obvious role. In the face of a variety of lens color, brown, dark brown is preferred. Brown uniform for any chromatographic absorption, have good color vision perceptual, see the picture won't appear off color, will dim, can clear to distinguish colors. Dark brown can filter a lot of blue light, improve the visual contrast and clarity, even light could see dazzling object details, in the case of severe air pollution or many fog wearing effect is better. In addition, blue grey lens with grey lens, belongs to the neutral lenses, the visible light absorption rate is higher; Blue lens and green lenses don't wear sunglasses in the drive for driving; Shallow blue, shallow pink lens more decorative than practical; The yellow lenses can provide more accurate video, so also known as night-vision goggles; Mercury lens is suitable for outdoor sports.
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