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Choose sunglasses polarizer two key points

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Now people choose sunglasses more pay attention to its practicability, and sunglasses polarizer is now has become a popular choice, because sunglasses polarizer more practical and more healthy, whether to drive or fishing, or out of the street, he can give you the most intimate guardian and the most fashionable dress up! So how should we choose sunglasses polarizer? Look for the two key points: sunglasses factory ms YC9703 sunglasses black/C3 dazzle colour light blue 1, sunglasses polarizer to filter ninety-nine percent of reflection and the harmful ultraviolet light, also is not easy and broken, only such, ability to better protect our eyes, and in reflective situation more severe cases, also can ensure that our view of the definition. 2, see if you want to know your glasses is no belong to how the quality of polarized sunglasses, you need to see the color change of the sunglasses. There is a very practical way, we can be sunglasses level on the display screen, lens color change is not available at this time, but if we clockwise rotate 45 degrees, the lens color is darker, then turn back to normal again, this is polarized sunglasses, and depending on the color rendering, we can be better to identify its quality. Want to know more about the choose and buy sunglasses, the main points of the polarizer please go to the polarized sunglasses selection should be carefully want to buy the authentic sunglasses polarized light, a regular store to buy, is still the best
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