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Choose sunglasses shoulds not be too wide

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Li Ming like to hike the day spent most time in the outdoor, a month ago he bought a pair of wraparound sunglasses, hiking last weekend after come back feel acid bilges, the eye tears ceaselessly, to go to the hospital the examination turned out to be his fashion sunglasses provoked a curse.

now with the improvement of people's aesthetic requirements, the design of sunglasses is also more and more exaggerated wraparound sunglasses was once quite popular with young people. But good video glasses co. , LTD. , xinjiang glasses ophthalmologist Yang Jihong, said such sunglasses, continuous wear one to two weeks, if somebody feels eyes acid bilges, the eye socket or between two cheek skin numbness, respiratory symptoms such as nasal discomfort from time to tome, this can all be signs of sunglasses syndrome is more often wear edge width, thickness, weight heavy sunglasses.
with eye disease and myopia, the Yang Jihong emphasized also should pay attention to when choosing sunglasses. Glaucoma patients, for example, is not suitable for wearing sunglasses, because sunglasses reduced light, glaucoma patients, in order to be able to see objects clearly, forced to enlarge pupil, this will inevitably lead to increased intraocular pressure, thus aggravating illness. Low or moderate myopia does not affect the safety in patients under the premise of can wear the sunglasses in general, no diopter. For high myopia patients is higher than 600 degrees, should wear sunglasses with diopter.
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