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Choose sunglasses take four aspects

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
When ZhongJi wearing sunglasses appearance, this lens is nothing ~ I would look for only 30 times ~ in addition to play handsome ( Serious face) , sunglasses important role is filtering ultraviolet (uv) light. Exposure to ultraviolet rays, can lead to cataracts, eyelid and electro-optic eye inflammation diseases such as skin cancer. Even if you wear the hat wide, also can block 50% to ocular uv. So the sunglasses, it is very necessary. Sunglasses can block UVA and UVB rays of 99 ~ 100%, 75 ~ 90% of visible light. Not all dark sunglasses, can prevent ultraviolet light. Simple identifying method, to see if it is using the standard UV400, or other uv protection. Some inferior sunglasses UV filter marks are not to be trusted, but can buy to the formal channels. Said so much than you are still a little dizzy! How to choose sunglass? Certain four aspects is enough! 1, the material how to choose sunglass? Mainly including glass, polyurethane, polycarbonate, acrylic, and resin, etc. Resin lenses: light, scratch-resistant, and itself has the ability of part cut off ultraviolet, common; Glass lenses: a scratch-resistant, more expensive. Pu lens: the resistance to bump, the more expensive. Ray-ban RB4187F purple black box piece TR90 metal high-end fashion great code Ms. Sun glasses 2, how to choose the colours of the sunglasses? The lens color of beautiful color, it is dark brown, gray and green such as partial light color lenses, protective effect is better. According to the daily practical degree sorting: black/grey: for any chromatographic uniform absorption, so there will be no view of color difference; Tawny: filter blu-ray, improve visual contrast and clarity, suitable for air pollution ( Such as dust) Or foggy condition; Green: increase the green light to eyes, so it is cool and comfortable, suitable for eye fatigue easily; Mercury lens: use high-density surface coating, more visible light absorption and reflection of, suitable for outdoor sports. Yellow: strictly speaking, this type of lenses do not belong to the sunglasses. Almost does not reduce visible light, but can improve contrast, so more suitable as a 'night vision goggles,' can also be decorated with; Light colors such as light blue/light pink: decorative than practical. Ray-ban sunglasses RB4222 men 865/13 hawksbill/lens tea 3, the light and shade, sunglasses, how to choose? According to the visible light transmittance, the lens can be divided into 0 - from shallow to deep Grade 4. Different shades, the corresponding weather and location is also different, you can select as needed. Level 0: suitable for indoor, cloudy wear; 1 - Level 2: low brightness of the sun, some decorative fashion sunglasses are; Level 3: under the sea, mountain climbing, and so on and so forth to the light, the more common; Level 4: snow-capped mountains, deserts, such as environment, dealing with extremely strong sunlight; Drive or ride wearing is not recommended, especially in the in and out of the tunnel or contrast is large, light and shade must took off her dark glasses. 4, how to choose the shape of sunglasses? Say to the important question at last! We all know that this is connected with the face! But small make up for me to study for three days, found big difficulty according to face didn't choose glasses, but how to judge the face ever! Offer the ultimate decision solution, standing in front of your mirror, obsessive-compulsive disorder can take out a ruler! Read the above articles should have a general understanding of sunglasses how to choose? Sunglasses factory glasses sunglasses styles, quality excellent, the price is cheap, dear friends in need quick to choose and buy! Website: https://www. yichao。 Cn/taiyangjing /
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