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Choose sunglasses to clear your purchase purpose

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Sunglasses of choose and buy, want to know your purchase purpose, so in order to prevent ultraviolet ray, persons can eliminate below 380 nm uv light, have safety identification, mirror sunglasses smooth and no bubble. So in order to decorate, must according to individual face skin color to choose style. Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black box silver leg/lens long face shape of persons has a certain width of circular or oval sunglasses have stereo feeling, can reduce the face so slender. Face petite appropriate choice is given priority to with lenses or frameless fine frame sunglasses. More square face shape of appropriate chooses a sleek sunglasses, on the edge of the prismatic shoulds not be too round or square, in order to reduce facial lines. Pear shaped face is optional coarse wider sunglasses picture frame, picture frame, to coordinate the facial proportions. Best choice is oval face, no matter what kind of style, oval can hold. Skin white people should avoid excessive contrast black, and brown, red wine, and all kinds of beautiful color, yellow skin of the central plains lady suitable choice silvery white, pink and other colors, can carry bright color of skin, look more spirit. Color of skin dark suit of blue, purple glasses. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3532 men 001/68 gold as eye products, also have exquisite, sunglasses worn wear not at that time, can also cause some eye diseases, to know something about wearing a little common sense, just in case. 1. Sunglasses can block ultraviolet light, it is because of the mirror with a layer of special coating, some inferior sunglasses because of the protection of the coating, cause the loss of light transmittance, when faced with strong light, dilated pupils, instead more uv intake, accelerate the eye damage. Ray-ban RB4187 - F unisex sunglass 856/13 hawksbill box tea sheet 2. Don't using sunglasses for all occasions, cloudy day, indoors and evening all don't need to wear sunglasses, can accentuate otherwise eye burden, cause the fatigue and tension of the eye muscles, seriously will lead to decreased visual acuity, dizziness and other symptoms. 3. Sunglasses must be comfortable to wear for 15 minutes without indentation is preferred.
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