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Choose sunglasses to rational consumption

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
In such an abundant supplies of s, it can be said that 60% of people formed the habit of impulse buying. Most people already don't know how to rational consumption. Today in choosing sunglasses, for example, a rational consumption idea for you. Recommended reading: sunglasses to common sense, you know? 1, the first thing to know the choose and buy sunglasses we first need to know the purpose of the different types of sunglasses have their different application occasions and the crowd. We want a choose and buy sunglasses must first determine whether your choose and buy is for sunshade, or for the purpose of clothing decorative? Besides the shade have uv resistant requirements? The safety of the lenses properties have special requirements? Only clear the purpose, combining the practical effects of the design and put on my face to buy a pair of appropriate sunglasses. 2, learn to understand product label is not all sunglasses have the function of anti ultraviolet, meet the basic requirements of the standard sunglasses, can only say that while blocking light not through more ultraviolet light. If only a pair of sunglasses to block light, but not cut off with the same amount of uv light, for the wearer will receive more than don't wear sunglasses ultraviolet ( Passes into the eye wear sunglasses, will reduce the luminous flux, the wearer pupil enlargement) 。 On the shop counter sales of sunglasses, the lenses, tag or on the packaging usually have obvious signs, as the fabric composition on clothing label, when consumer is bought be sure to check carefully. 3, to identify the lens inner quality of basic skills 1. Degree of the lens should meet the requirements of the flat lens, and should not have affect vision optical spot disease. Simple identification method for, can put sunglasses in sight, observations of distant places through the lens, such as window frame or door frame, then glasses from top to bottom and move around, goals should not have swings and wavy deformation. 2. The color of the lens can not partial, should make the distortion of the color of the surrounding environment, the edge of the object clearly have the ability to effectively identify the different color lights. Lens color shades of choose, because of depending on the required activities, according to different light sources and occasions, the color of the lens will affect the shading effect. To make the sunglasses can effectively block the summer light, the color of the glasses with enough depth, but by bike or drivers, don't choose the lens color is too deep. In rational shopping before, first need to have a clear purpose, with a goal to go shopping, not in the target goods directly in don't have to go to see, can write a shopping list before shopping. In the shopping, to keep the quality of the products, don't cry because it is the price of cheap and penny wise and pound foolish.
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