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Choose the right glasses for sunscreen 'short-sighted'

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Myopic crowd team gradually strong, added more new elements make sunglasses market, while most is flat sunglasses lens, but 'short-sighted' can also choose to suit their sunscreen 'best'! How should myopia matching sunglasses? Iraq can glasses net expert advice, according to the different shades of appearance and myopia induction consideration, choosing the most suited to their needs. Choose one: sunglass clip ray-ban RB2140 - F unisex sunglass 902 blackish green tortoise shell box piece of very old a kind of method, briefly clip sunglasses outside the myopia glasses. Strengths: is very short and direct, and cost is not high, has the need to also can remove the sunglasses back to normal myopia glasses. Defect: the design of clamping piece to choose from, the color is not much, owe beautiful. Laybourne RB2447 - pick two: set of mirror 901/4 j F men sunglasses black/dazzle colour green after the magnet adsorption, in the framework of myopic lens coat a and myopic lens ring completely consistent with sunglasses, when need to be removed. Strengths: contrast sunglass clip to beautiful. Defect: added the weight with glasses. Pick three: dyeing myopia sunglasses through resin, to myopic lens dyed color. Strengths: close 2 for one, a brief and convenient. Defects: after dyeing myopia glasses is not suitable for indoor wear, only the other for ordinary myopia glasses. Choose four: color lenses ray-ban RB4187F purple black box piece TR90 metal high-end fashion great code Ms. Sun glasses lens with the strength of the light change the color depth, light intensity of local lens color is darker, the light weak local lens color becomes shallow. Strengths: solve the defect of the dyeing myopia sunglasses are not suitable for indoor wear, a pair of glasses can be indoor and outdoor as a whole, is very convenient. Defect: the lens price is more expensive. Choose five: contact lenses + sunglasses on myopia about can wear contact lenses, wearing contact lenses before didn't choose their favorite prescription sunglasses again, achieve myopia also can buy sunglasses at random. High strength: pick a lot, thorough and ordinary people to buy sunglasses doesn't make any difference. Defect: it is very wary of the contact lens cleaning and protection. Select 6: equipped with prescription sunglasses now many sunglasses can match degree, to is put on prescription sunglasses when outdoors. Strengths: a dual-use, even forgot to bring my regular myopic lens will not become a 'blind'. Defect: generally want to take out two pairs of glasses, in order to replace at any time.
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