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Choose the right sunglasses eye nowhere to hide

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
The fast pace of modern life, let people don't have much time to do oneself more don't pay attention to your body health. Eye disease has many kinds, but they will have to, even when the choose and buy sunglasses are likely to get eye! So we want to know the choose and buy sunglasses skills, choose the right sunglasses, let eye disease no hiding. Sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C7 white/don't dazzle colour purple sunglasses too heavy American ophthalmologist said, once the weight of the sunglasses more than 45 grams, would be excessive oppression temple, make nerve tension, leading to intermittent headache, this is a common 'sunglasses syndrome'. If you feel headache always appear when wearing sunglasses, and disappear automatically remove after half an hour, a small light sunglasses good immediately replaced. Lenses don't be too tight sunglasses Dai Jiu, if feel maxillary gum numbness, upper front teeth ache, is likely to be the two lenses clip too tight. Go to the store had had the lens loose bit, or in a comfortable broad-brimmed glasses. German ophthalmologist survey found that the lens is in the early performance of tight, eyes or had mild between two buccal numb, breathing nasal discomfort, after 2 hours or longer, the pain will gradually spread to the mouth, let you have a toothache. Sunglasses don't be too dark color if your eyes are deep black, than a light brown, blue, brown eyes, have a better ability to resist ultraviolet. When you choose dark purple or black sunglasses, eyes will fatigue, go down for a long time can cause eyesight. South Korean ophthalmologists said, suitable for Oriental female dark eye lens color is light grey and pink. The color of the sunglasses with a uv protection effect, there is no direct relationship, generally is better to dark gray, brown, try not to use bright color, so the eyes can cause fatigue instead. Ray-ban RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 brown sunglasses don't choose too cheap at the moment, the market prices are between 20 yuan to 50 yuan 'sunglasses' many, most consumers of these cheap sunglasses that seems to buy. Most cheap 'sunglasses' actually no label, don't know what brand, what is the manufacturer production. Industrial and commercial execute the law personnel, points out that the 'sunglasses' without label, is basically a '3 without' product, quality assurance. Ophthalmology expert introduction, medicine function of sunglasses is strong uv blocking. Uv damage to the eyes, obviously, early will increase the density of the lens, will lead to late into cataract lens opacity. Also warns customer, buying sunglasses don't pursue cheap, cheap to buy only colored glasses, not only failed to protect the eyes, also can damage the eyes.
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