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Choose the right sunglasses make you more beautiful in the summer

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
A hot summer day, a lot of girls can choose a pair of sunglasses. Both can prevent too dazzling sun, and can give their own fashion designs the icing on the cake. Today small make up take you to know how the choose the suitable sunglasses according to their face. Recommended reading: necessary three personality sunglasses photo 1. Nabla face, lozenge face: recommended soft color box the face while looks a little like a giant face, but in life, the face is a certain distance, because their chin position appears sharp than the rest of the face, therefore, when choosing sunglasses, try not to choose the line perfect, or perfect line feeling will make your face more have a sense of distance. Can also choose some floral decoration sunglasses to your facial lines on the soft beauty, and the shape of the ink picture frame can choose those who are round on wide below narrow, so that you can be sharp sense of the jaw weaken many oh. 2. Triangle face: wear light-colored framework triangle face consciousness of square face with us, there is a lot of similarity is obvious the outline of the position in the face on the cheeks, and looks not so wide forehead, than the average narrow, face shape is short. So is the sister of this face shape can choose a few top and bottom gradually have color sunglasses styles, and choose the best picture frame is a color above, and below the vision is a pale color, so it's not only can decorate your facial lines, still can lengthen your face, but a triangle face must not choose the frame color is too deep or too fancy, or will your facial lines show more clearly. 3. Round face: suitable for become warped on the cat's eye round face shape face on the face of a sister of his own flesh, then chin look shorter, face shape is also belong to the scope of the short also looks more lovely, then the face shape is most suitable for wear in shape of the cat's eye sunglasses. Because of, put the cat's eye sunglasses will make you the lines on the face has higher up both visual feeling, in addition to the cat's eye shaped sunglasses, also can choose a few lens foot is a little higher, this type can be very good decoration in your face. 4. Pear-shaped face: choose wide gradient frame pear-shaped face the biggest characteristic is that it on the face of zygomatic position in narrow place, the part of the temple looks a little dents, cheek is a lot of meat meat, but is high cheekbones, so look not to come out on general face flesh. So when choosing sunglasses, it is better to choose the frame more lenient, mirror feet are wide gradients in the shape of sunglasses, so that you can modify your face shape of curves, and the style of sunglasses just can help you to block the temple concave part oh, presented is a standard frame. 5. Square face: match the picture frame don't be too thin, too narrow arc Angle square face, suggest not to pick those too round sunglasses, it will make your facial features more obvious water chestnut, but don't choose too wide, too party will highlight the defects of facial lines, the best choice of the big, the Angle of the glasses a bit of a circular arc, so put up the effect of thin face also is very good, and this type of sunglasses will elongate your face shape, looks soft many facial lines. 6. Oval face: oval frame collocation oval this face no matter what shape wear sunglasses are very joker, so you may rest assured of choose the design of some of the most popular the most fashionable sunglasses smart match together, but if you want to show you the advantage of standard oval, you can choose the oval frame sunglasses oh, this will more highlight your beautiful line oval face.
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