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Choose the right sunglasses must know three points_Sunglass Knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-12
Many people like to wear sunglasses, no matter whether there is sunlight or not, as long as they go out, they should wear them. Even some people watch TV, which will not only burden the eyes at home, but also cause symptoms such as eye muscle tension and blurred vision; these are the consequences of the abuse of sunglasses. As for the correct selection and use of sunglasses, here, Xiaobian gives you three suggestions~1. Choose sunglasses with the function of preventing outside lines. UV protection is the primary function of a good pair of sunglasses. If you wear sunglasses without UV protection, more UV radiation will enter your eyes than when you don’t wear them; this is easy to cause eye damage, and it may cause cataracts over time. Pain, eye membrane edema, corneal detachment and other symptoms. Therefore, when buying sunglasses, it is safer to go to a professional optical store to buy. 2. Try to use gray, brown and green lenses. The choice of sunglasses should try to make the loss in the field of view undistorted, the edge of the object is clearly discernible, and more importantly, the instructions of the street lights can be seen clearly. The gray, brown or green lenses have better absorption of ultraviolet and infrared rays, which can protect the eyes well and can distinguish the color of the object. 3. Choose a medium depth lens. Generally speaking, the darker the color of the lens, the stronger the shading color, but it does not mean that the function of UV protection is stronger; UV protection is also related to the material and process of the lens. Therefore, the color of the lens is better with a medium depth. If the shading effect is required to be stronger, you can choose a lens with a darker color. These 3 points are more basic and important for the choice of sunglasses. If you grasp these 3 points, your sunglasses can well protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.
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