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Choose to male money myopia sunglasses, starting from the face

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
A suit of clothes may not make a man with a pair of glasses, there is a big change on temperament. But when a nearsighted person wear a pair of fashionable myopia glasses, will definitely have a different feeling. The biggest influence factors, and choosing sunglasses is a person's face, according to their own face to choose suitable for their own myopia sunglasses, points minutes make faults into the focus of the fashion. So by small make up for us all, how to according to their own face, choose male money myopia glasses. Recommended reading: these sunglasses points, which is more suitable for you? 1, the jawbone of a square face men seem to personalities, complacency cheekbones need some sense of arc sunglasses to balance other people's perception, the pilot or rounded retro sunglasses can bring fashion sense, color aspects can choose according to their own style. 2, with oval shaped favorite, select any style of sunglasses without difficulty, lintel frame, pilot sunglasses and nostalgic style is easy to appear special star quality. In the summer, as long as you don't choose too revealing, will be very suitable. 3, long face although very good pictures, but when the lens shapes to choose sunglasses best special design, such as square, polygon, and show design style, help to shift focus, face long will not affect delicate feeling. , wide forehead and chin is pointed man looks wild, suitable for on line thin frames, or sunglasses design circle and arc feels strong, on the balance one by narrow, can also take a calm feeling of contemporary and contracted.
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