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Chrome has sunglasses fashion not to be missed

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Chrome is already a silver brand in the United States, is one of the world's top ten luxury decoration brand, goods from the early silver, leather goods, such as leather furniture, white gold, inlaid jewelry accessories, children's clothes, glasses, etc. , also offer tailor-made product for the customer service. In addition, Chrome has with the art of the middle ages of religious spirit, sunglasses also fully embodies the spirit of this, the sleek lines and dark shadow, create a unique and charming elegant demeanour. Chrome has sunglasses after manual forging factory, workmanship, quality first-class, style bold, old sunglasses silver deliberately left leg in black after the 925 silver oxide, polishing again after oxidation with grinding on the shiny silver added soft gray and black shadow, administrative levels feeling is very obvious. Large cat's eye glasses, the design of restoring ancient ways, challenge the proportional limit. Ms sunglasses unique, contains the classic female glamour. 简单的皮肯的 — The cat's eye eyebrow 'place for titanium alloy series, mirror foot are marked with the fire of pure silver flower. GORGINA— — Oversized lenses at the front for the crocodile sculpture of titanium alloy, and the crocodile picture frame. Fashion at ( 眼睛那么时髦的) And the charm of the eyes ( 眼睛那么阴暗) Is the design of series of restoring ancient ways is more simple, in collaboration with American actress Kate Hudson design is completed, with bright color, frame concise and perfect. The design of this season is the most special, tears Johnny I ( 泪珠乔尼我) And tears Johnny II ( 泪珠乔尼II) , the two ladies sunglasses include large lens, lens foot inside with Richard Stark quotes & quot; Groggy, night hides my favorite design & quot; , style name from Richard Satrk and Laurie Lynn Stark daughter's songs - — Teardrop Johnny ( Jesse Jo Stark singing) 。 Stains IV is popular for a long time of classic new KeKuan. Is material with pure titanium alloy frame, the top frame with Chrome already sign and flexible shaft joint silver dagger Mosaic or titanium alloy mirror feet. Wrecked 'Em model is updated version of the style of the pilot, mirror foot has a pattern repeated CH Plus. Recommended reading: crow heart why so expensive glasses
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